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About Us

Projectvision are a project management, design and construction company based in Silverwater, NSW. We have been delivering quality projects since 1999, and have since gained an impressive track record of reliability and client satisfaction.

We specialise in the management of projects ranging from retail and commercial centres to residential and industrial developments, and cover tendering, cost control, authority approvals, project programming as well as construction, design development, tenancy coordination and professional consultations.

Branko Poljak
Branko has been in the property industry since 1990 in roles ranging from site engineer to project director and client representative. His career in construction started in detailed design, construction and commissioning of building services. This extended into conceptual services design, project management and authority management. In services, Branko developed his portfolio to cover mainstream project management, thus completing his skill set with a full range of disciplines. Branko has since managed projects in a range of industry segments including retail, commercial, residential, hotels and industrial .
Amitav Goswami
Amitav has worked for various architectural firms since entering the industry in 1982. Amitav made the transition to project management in 1996 while working on several retail and interior design projects, and has since extended his repertoire to construction and business management.
Amitav has a unique understanding and appreciation of design philosophies, and has gained extensive experience in construction through multiple project management roles. With his qualifications and experience in business strategy development, Amitav has the unique ability to align corporate developments to his client's business strategies.
Magdalena Damayanti
Senior Tenancy Coordinator
Magdalena has over 10 years of experience in various residential, commercial and retail projects. With Architectural and Interior Design as her background, she extended her expertise to project engineering, project management, construction management and tenancy coordination. She is currently managing several design projects, project coordination and tenancy coordination of specialty shops.